Thursday, February 10, 2011

JLG Glitter Text tut

I have had a few people ask me how I do my name the way I do on tags with the glitter so I decided to make a tut to show everyone how! :)


Type the text you want in PSP and pick the color you would like!

I am going to go with Navy!

Convert the Vector to a raster layer.

Rename to BG for Background

Select the Selection tool.


Outline the name:


click inside the ants and it should look like this:


Promote the floating selection into a raster layer!

Rename to the name or word you used!


Click Selections/Modify/Expand "located on the File Bar"

Set the number to 3 and click ok!


Click Adjust/Add/Remove Noise/Add Noise "located on the File Bar"

Here are the settings I am using, you can play around with it and choose what you think is best for you!


Click ok!

Highlight BG


Now pick a glitter or color you would like to go around the name or text. If you pick a solid color, then you can noise it to make it look glittery!

I am going to use a pink glitter!

Select your fill bucket


and fill inside the ants

hold ctrl and hit D

ants should have disappeared

Now I am going to help the glitter text stand out more by putting a drop shadow behind it!

Effects/ 3D Effects/ Drop Shadow "located on your file bar"

I am using these settings:


You may use the settings that best suits you!


That's it!

My fav. BG color to use is #c0c0ff and noise it with Uniform at 95!

Thank you for trying my tut and I hope it was enjoyable and easy to you! :)


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